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Emerging innovations in the delivery of health care, offer insights on how to tackle its rising cost, estimated at $7 trillion a year globally. Merely identifying and promoting innovations isn’t enough, not only do we need to understand whether, and how, the lessons of innovators can be replicated elsewhere, we need to understand the impact for the individual living with the realities of ill-health. What does health innovation mean for them?

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Plastic Sick-Care!

Advancement of global healthcare takes not just modern technologies and top-of-the-line medications, but also requires the realization of a truly sustainable and safe healthcare management system that understands the link between the sector’s landmark operations and the possible impacts it can create on the environment, wildlife and people’s health.

Healthcare uses many unique, specialist devices, some of which are created with plastics made from toxic materials, despite the availability of safer alternatives. Healthcare waste is not properly treated in many parts of the world. It is frequently burned in the open, or in poorly controlled incinerators, or dumped either in uncontrolled landfills or the open.

What does this mean for the individual - what can be done?

(c) Thurline

(c) Thurline

Striving for social purpose - what impact does ambiguity have on our mental health?

A reality check: Increasing urbanisation; Climate change; Excess of resources. Rapidly eroding soil; Seas and waterways bing chocked by plastic; Air quality at a dangerous low. Todat a breath of fresh air is a rare comodity.

A new generation of social purpose entreprenuers are leading the way. Guiding us away from the ‘take, make, dispose’ model to becoming natural capitalist, a circular economy. Clarifying the ambiguity that exists between circular and non-circular; driving (and urging) stakeholders to communicate and collaborate more effectively is a big task, and is has urgency. Understanding the health impact for our new leaders is important and will set the standard of mental healthcare for future generations.

Partnership study with THNK School of Creative Leadership and Scale Up Nation.


The Story of Health

Creating a more vibrant, and thriving society requires a reframing of our current understanding of health communications. Understanding what is still not understood is our starting point - our first untold story of health.

Exploring the physical, emotional, environmental, and economic dimensions of personal wellbeing. The Wilson Lab enables innovative storytelling techniques, platforms, and outreach communities to foster a new health dialogue at all levels of society.