Health Stories

In order to nurture a more vibrant and thriving society, we need to reframe the dialogue around our health. How do we all fit into the bigger picture?

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Person Before Patient is an independently registered non-profit based in Amsterdam (KvK- nummer: 73299561).

At the heart of our mission - connecting people to their "stories of health".

We're setting out to explore the physical, emotional, environmental, and economic dimensions of personal wellbeing and using innovative storytelling techniques, platforms, and outreach communities to foster dialogue at all levels of society. As we aim for scale, we're engaging policy-makers, field-leading experts, patient groups, medical professionals, and more.


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International Alliance of Patient Organisations (IAPO)

Board Advisor | The global voice for patient-centred healthcare. IAPO is a unique global alliance representing patients of all nations across all disease areas and promoting patient-centred healthcare across the world.

Eye for Pharma

Webinar Moderator | Judge - Annual Awards | Speaker @ImPatient Congress

self Back

Business Advisor | Development of the market strategy and strategic partnering for evidence based mobile technology and sensoring  to effectively prevent recurring a-specific low back pain.  It's a Horizon2o2o fundend 5 million euro project with 6 Universities in Europe.