Unmet needs and responses

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Economics Of The Human Body

Imagine a zero-cost healthcare system … physically, emotionally, mentally & financially. Science-fiction or a credible alternative to the current symptom-led sickness care.

As we strive towards achieving circular economies, we have become disconnected with the original - the human body. Our inability to choose health creates a significant miscalculations between our personal economics vs. our hopes, dreams and aspirations.


Eco Plasters. Exploring the tensions of eco-values and single use plastic in healthcare.

Part I

Part II - coming soon

Part III - coming soon


Youth Caregivers

In the United States, it is estimated that there are 1.4 million caregivers of school aged. 31% are aged between 8 - 11 years.

Children who are largely invisable, yet often are responsible for administering medicines and overseeing communications with medical profressionals on behalf of the guardian they care for.

Developing tools and resources for this vulnerable group of children. Exploring how we might help them to keep their childhood, despite the adult responsibility placed upon them.