The Wilson Lab.

Health redefined.

Enabling human-centred, sustainable eco-systems.


Redefining Health

What does it really mean to be healthy today. We live in an increasingly technology-driven, often chaotic and stubbornly linear world. Contemporary definitions of health focus on the physical and mental; The Wilson Lab works to expand this perspective, incorporating social, economical and environmental dimensions to build a complete understanding of ‘health’.

How do we make our health decisions? We listen carefully for unheard voices and unacknowledged motivations. By asking questions and telling stories, we enable sustainable future ecosystems through human-centred problem solving and design thinking.

The Wilson Lab was established in 2018 by Ruth Wilson. Click here for more information about Ruth and the The Wilson Lab team.


& Partnerships

Human-centred problem solving. Realising sustainable eco-systems. Redefining health; physically, mentally, socially, economically & environmentally.

The Wilson Lab works in partnership with social purpose and corporate organisations. Working with social purpose and corporate clients and partnersThe Wilson Lab works with a wide range of clients and partners. If you wish to collaborate then, please get in touch.

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The Wilson Lab. BV. was established in 2018 and is registered in The Netherlands. (Kvk. 73373125). Ruth Wilson is the Principle of The Wilson Lab.

If you are looking for human-centred behavioural design; the building of  relationships; co-creation and curation of action focused global communities; or seeking to amplify the voices of those currently unheard.

Please get in touch. We can help.

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